Terra-Gen, LLC is a growing developer of renewable energy projects in North America. Our focus is exclusively on developing and owning renewable energy projects, with an emphasis on wind, solar, energy storage, and natural gas technologies. Terra-Gen is the only U.S. based renewable energy developer with utility scale, operating, renewable energy projects across all three of the primary renewable technologies – wind, solar, and geothermal. Our renewable energy development efforts are managed out of San Diego. Our development team consists of highly experienced energy development professionals with an average tenure in the energy industry of over 20 years each.

We have a unique platform, with a specific focus that distinguishes us from other energy developers. Terra-Gen is:

• 100% focused on utility scale renewable energy projects in North America.
• The only renewable energy developer with operating, utility scale renewable energy assets across all three primary renewable technologies – wind, solar, and geothermal.
• U.S. based, owned, and operated.
• Focused on long-term development, ownership, and operation – our development stakeholders and partners (landowners, communities, regulatory authorities, etc.) can be assured that relationships with Terra-Gen are long-term, and carry all the way through development, construction, and long-term operation of our projects.

We invite all inquiries on potential development opportunities and if you are a landowner with interest in wind, solar, or geothermal development on your property.
Please contact the Terra-Gen Development Team at
development@terra-genpower.com or (646) 829-3900.